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VIDEO: Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Please find below our video about mobile water treatment systems
VIDEO: Mobile Water Treatment Systems.

Generally below Treatment stages are applied at Mobile water treatment systems

Multimedia Filtration System

Turbidity,Suspended Solids, silis,and particules are removed from Raw Water

Active Carbon Filtration System

Organic Substances, some heavy metals, Taste, Colour are removed with the special activated Carbon Mineral

SMBS Dosing System

Chlorine, which could damage RO membranes is removed from water by SMBS dosing system

Antiscalant Dosing System

Antiscalant protects RO membrane from ions that could damage or blocks RO membrane.

Cartridge Filtration System

Cartridge Filter removes the fine particules from water

Reverse Osmosis System

RO membranes removes nearly all the anionic and cationic ions from raw water thus  raw water becomes potable water

CIP System

CIP System is used for the chemical cleaning of the RO membranes.

Treated Water Tank

You can drink treated water safely

Air Conditioned and Insulated Containers could be used in both Cold and Warm Climates

Vatek Environmental Technologies
Vatek is always with you with its mobile Water Treatment Systems , wherever you need potable water