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Place of Reverse Osmosis System in Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis System is the most sensitive membrane filtration technology. In Reverse Osmosis System, water is forced through the semi-permeable membrane with a high pressure.
Place of Reverse Osmosis System in Water Treatment.

What is the purpose of the use of Reverse Osmosis Systems  for Water Treatment ?

  • Removal of dissolved substances in drinking water
  • Removal ofunwanted odor, taste and color
  • obtaining fresh water from salty sea water
  • Reduction of the conductivity of the water
  • Improvement of water qualityin current industry and drinking water
  • Production of ultra pure water
  • Recovery of waste water
  • Prevention of the formation of boiler in steam boiler
  • Disposal of toxic substances
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • Production of feed water to the steam boiler and steam generator

In many industries Reverse Osmosis System is used for obtaining qualified water. Designing of the Reverse Osmosis System requires some technical knowledges. Such that; type of raw water, feature in production water, type of membrane and capacity of necessary water are differences in all desings.