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Environmental Technologies

Water is Source of Life and Human needs. VATEK Environmental Technologies serves people-oriented approaches to potable water and waste water treatment systems for Turkey, Neighbor Countries and the worldwide.

15 Years of Experience

The founders of VATEK Environmental Technologies have the formation of Environmental Engineering besides the VATEK Team Members are well educated and experienced staffs, therefore, VATEK understands and cares about the customers demands and quality standards.

Our company is one of the few companies which produce dialysis Water Treatment Systems according to the directive activated medical device directive 93/42/EEC Annex 11 Class 2b.

Service to 43 Countries
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Technical Services and After Sales Support.

Technical Services and After Sales Support

Technical services is an important ıtem that ensures the water and waste water treatment systems, that you have spent alot of money to manufacture, works efficiently and long term.

Vatek Environmental Technologies are ready to support you for water and Waste Water Treatment Systems with his experienced technical services.

  • Special solutions for our customers
  • Experience gained over the years
  • Engineer team that responds quickly to problems

Wastewater Treatment Systems Installation

With the effect of many factors such as global warming and unconscious consumption, water and water resources, which are our source of life, are decreasing and becoming difficult to obtain, and the water that can be obtained is far from being drinking and utility water.

The use of water treatment systems, which provide the preparation of water for drinking and usage purposes in housing, factories, industrial facilities and social facilities, that is, wherever people are, is becoming widespread day by day.

We offer you professional services in the installation and processing of waste water treatment systems.

Wastewater Treatment Systems Installation.

Treatment Systems

The selection of treatment systems under many different headings and how to use the right system are important. The first step in water and wastewater treatment systems is the source of raw water, that is, it is very important that the physical, chemical and bacteriological analyzes of the water source requested to be treated are made.

Projects and References

You can examine some of our projects, such as treatment, wastewater, river water treatment and medical treatment. You can contact us for all references.

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We have realized water treatment projects in many countries of the world. You can contact us for the details of our projects.

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