- With 18 years of experience, we treat the world's water

Vatek Environmental Technologies

Vatek provides manufacturing and Consultancy, Turnkey Contracting Service, and Supervision Service for water treatment, wastewater treatment and wastewater reuse systems in Finland, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Jordan, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, and more than 60 countries

We conduct all manufacturing processes in our 2 factories in Turkey and provide services to every continent of the world. 


Years of Experience

With a human and nature-focused approach especially with a consciousness for a sustainable world, our trained and experienced teams, led by managers with a background in Environmental Engineering, provide quality solutions without compromising on quality, with the principle of the right system, appropriate price, and satisfied customer, in line with customer needs.


- Environmental Technologies

From Project to Production and Installation

Special Solutions for Our Customers


Container Type Systems.

- Container Type Systems

Mobile Water Treatment

It's now very easy to bring river, sea, lake, well, and surface waters to meet the quality needed especially for drinking purpose with mobile water treatment systems!

  • Custom design tailored to customer needs
  • Suitable for the treatment of all raw water sources
  • Mobile and portable, requiring no construction or building needs
  • Provides the required water flow rate
  • Delivered with the system installed inside insulated containers



Waste Water Recycling System.

- Waste Water Recycling System

We care about reclaiming our wastewater for a sustainable environment!

With our advanced technologies, we ensure the reuse of industrial and domestic wastewater we produce for garden irrigation-landscaping, and production.

Especially with our textile wastewater recovery systems, we are proud to achieve a 90% recovery, enabling the companies we serve to reach the 'Excellent' level in the 'Care for Water' ranking.



vatek atık su proses

We recycle wastewater resulting from textile pre-treatment and other processes into production with our specially designed recycling systems.


- Sustainability

Our Strengths

To be the sole solution partner of our customers in all water-related issues; We offer comprehensive solutions including turnkey contracting, consultancy, after-sales services and consumables and equipment supply.
Global Network,
The Engineering
Department's Ability to
Provide Quick Responses
to Customer Requests
Supervision and
technical expertise
on the field
Our Strengths
Both Water and
Wastewater Systems
Tailor-made Solutions for
Our Customers
Integrated Tools like
Lectures, Speeches,
Reports etc


Production and Installation

Treatment Systems

Selection of treatment systems, which are available under many different headings, and how to use the correct system is important. The first step in water and wastewater treatment systems is the raw water source, that is, it is very important that the water source to be treated is analyzed physically, chemically and bacteriologically.