Recovery of Grey Water

What is Gray Water? It includes all kitchens, bath, sink and various waste water; however, it excepts the toilets waste water.
Recovery of Grey Water.

Grey Water Recycling means to  treatment least polluted water comes from showers, sinks, . It can be called as household waste water recycling system. Washing machine or kitchen waste water sometimes can be included the recycled grey water content.

The degree of pollution of water is determined by how consumers use water at home. Hygiene products, detergents and body pollitions are the determinant factors for pollution of water. The components of the grey water are detergent, hair, skin oil and materials such as particles.

Grey Water System Settings

In general, the amount of water that we use at home as follows.

  • Shower bathroom sink: 40%
  • WC Reservoir: 25%
  • Washing: 13%
  • Kitchen: 12%
  • Cleaning: 5%
  • Garden: 5%

Designing of Grey Water recycling systems depending on amount of Grey Water and how much water demand. System size is determined according to the habits of consumer's water use.  Grey water systems differ in hotels according to municipal systems. Investment costs also differ according to this variation.

1,5to 3KW power consumption is needed to treat 1m3 of raw water.