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Industrial Water Treatment System.

Industrial Water Treatment System

Industrial Water Treatment Systems include filtrations, water softening groups, RO systems, brackish water and sea water treatment systems.

Ultrafiltration systems.

Ultrafiltration systems

The newest technological system which becomes widespread in bottling and water treatment sectors. This system does not have any effect on the chemistry of water.

Waste Water Recycling System.

Waste Water Recycling System

Importance of water is recognized and furthermore, to reach the water is getting hard in time. Effluent of Waste water treatment systems are used in waste water recycling system. This recycled water has the quality that could be used as process water.

Waste Water Treatment.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Originated from Industrial and domestic applications should be observed and treated to protect the human life and environment.

Pool Treatment System.

Pool Treatment System

Constructing of swimming pools and recreational pools and also design and application of their electrical and mechanical projects.

Grey water and Rain WaterTreatment Systems.

Grey water and Rain WaterTreatment Systems

Toilets and gardens are irrigated with recycled sink water and bath water. That kind of implemantation of recycled water becomes widespread in time.

River Water Treatment Systems.

River Water Treatment Systems

River water treatment system is designed and produced by Vatek Environmental Technologies. This system is made such water sources to usage water.

Medical Water Treatment System.

Medical Water Treatment System

Water treatment projects are made for medical water treatment systems which includes hemodialysis, private medical applications, neutralization and disinfection systems.

Water Chemicals.

Water Chemicals

Water and waste water treatment chemicals are an individual subject. There are many kind of water chemicals for operating the facilities and also for maintenance and cleaning applications.

Consumables, Spare Part and Equipments.

Consumables, Spare Part and Equipments

For the proper and efficient work of Water and waste water treatment systems, equipment maintenance, repairments and changes is very important.