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Health Institutions, Hospitals

Design, mounting and turn-key applications for water treatment systems. İn addition, technical servicing and providing consumables for existing systems.
Health Institutions, Hospitals.

Our applications for hospitals and health institutions

  • Design, mounting and turnkey construction for dialysis treatments which need qualified water.
  • Design, mounting, turnkey construction, the supply of the necessary consumables and technical service to existing systems for autoanalyser which need qualified deionized water consumption
  • Mounting, design,turnkey construction,technical service and comsumables are served for obtaining of soft water and deionized water.Some units such as X-ray units and autoclave need that kind of qualified water.
  • Mounting, manufacturing, serving and commissioning for devices have to be neutralizing and disinfecting which are used for blood analysis in laboratory. Because these devices can be infected from wastewater.
  • General design, manufacturing, mounting , service and commissioning services about Water and Waste Water Treatment for health care instutions.