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Treatment Facilities.

Treatment Facilities

Discovery, project and project design of existing or new established water and waste water treatment systems. In addition, implementing of consumable, equipment, mounting and start-up.



Mounting and project design for the factories about their domestic and industrial water and waste water treatment systems.

Mechanical Contracting Firms.

Mechanical Contracting Firms

Serving for mechanical constructing firms about their water and waste water treatment systems by manufacturing, installation, service and commissioning services.

Chemical Industry, Paint, Cosmetic.

Chemical Industry, Paint, Cosmetic

Design, mounting and turn-key for chemical ındustries about their demands for deionized, Pure and soft water.

Health Institutions, Hospitals.

Health Institutions, Hospitals

Design, mounting and turn-key applications for water treatment systems. İn addition, technical servicing and providing consumables for existing systems.

Construction Industry.

Construction Industry

Potable water or high quality water systems for apartments, sites, public or private institutions and hospitals by designing, mounting and turn-key services.

Educational Institution.

Educational Institution

Project of demanded water and waste water treatment plants for educational institutions by designing, production, serving and mounting services.

Soft Drinks And Beverages Industry.

Soft Drinks And Beverages Industry

Water softening and pure water treatment systems have an important place in soft drinks and beverages industries.

Textile Industry.

Textile Industry

Water Treatment Systems which necessary for the washing and dyeing applications.

Coating Industry.

Coating Industry

Design, mounting and turn-key services for coating industry which needs pure water. And also supply of consumables and spare parts.

Military Facilities.

Military Facilities

Project, design, mounting for military facilities about demanded water and waste water treatment systems.

Camp And Temporary Settlements.

Camp And Temporary Settlements

Converting uncertain water to potable water by container type of water treatment systems for camps and temporary settlements.