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Water Filtration Systems.

Water Filtration Systems

These filters are generally the main stage of the Treatment applications.

Water Softener Systems.

Water Softener Systems

Water Softening Systems are designed to remove water hardness caused by the Calcium and magnezium, using strong cationic resins.

Ultrafiltration Systems.

Ultrafiltration Systems

Ultrafilration Systems( UF) are similar systems like Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF).

Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmos technology is based on rejection of dissolved solids from water by using semi permeable membranes.

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Sea water Reverse Osmosis systems are Mostly used systems for obtaining soft water from sea water, the principle of this system is to feed the RO membranes under high pressure and to have the soft water from effluent side.

Container Type Water Treatment Systems.

Container Type Water Treatment Systems

Container type water treatment systems generally prefered at sites that have space problems and has less ability to have workforce.

Deionization and Mix Bed Systems.

Deionization and Mix Bed Systems

Deionization and mix bed systems are used for obtaining deionized water demands in industrial facilities and private applications. Deionization process is designed to remove anion and cation ions from water.

Disinfection Systems.

Disinfection Systems

UV Water treatments systems are used to treat dometsic and Industrial Water.

Hemodialysis Water Treatment System.

Hemodialysis Water Treatment System

Hemodialysis systems are designed according to European Pharmacopeia.

Laboratory Water Treatment Systems.

Laboratory Water Treatment Systems

Laboratory mobile water treatment systems are portable; so you can transport them wherever you want to. Easy setup functions make easy solutions.